About BrowserTrek

BrowserTrek is a game designed for front-end developers and those aspiring to be. It combines JS, HTML and CSS to educate and test players on various aspects of coding. BrowserTrek is nonprofit and you are encouraged to provide feedback via the contact details below.


Email: hijacker.ho@gmail.com or yasiruj2000@gmail.com

About the developers

This is really our second game that is good enough that we can tell everyone we know about it. Well we don't want to tell you too much, but our names are Jack and Yasiru. We're from Australia (if you Americans find color spelt colour in Challenge 2) and we won't be dying of old age soon.

If you liked this game you'll like our first game too (possibly more than this one because it's been developed more). It's called Ceaseless Hellfire and is available to play at chf.neocities.org

About the game

This game started with Jack as a personal project, but Yasiru soon joined in to help develop BrowserTrek (and others may be joining soon if BrowserTrek succeeds). This game definitely needs more brains and ideas for challenges as it's pretty hard to make up a challenge that's fun, educational and interactive (in the theme of the challenges). The original aim was to make a game that could teach and test coders, but without writing extensive code, and with some interaction with the browser. Another goal is to make the website accessible and user-friendly, and make the challenges able to be played in as many browsers as possible. If you're wondering why there's no mobile game as a majority of the challenges cannot be done on mobile, I promise MobileBrowserTrek is coming soon (yeah it's a mouthful).